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Quasi-static Test Research of Unbonded Post-tensioned Assembly Short-limb Shear Wall


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Quasi-static Test Research of Unbonded Post-tensioned Assembly Short-limb Shear Wall
SUN Wei-wei1MENG Shao-ping2CAI Xiao-ning2
1.School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;2.Key Lab on RC/PC Structures of Ministry of Education,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China
prestress short-limb shear walls quasi-static method test
To research the seismic performance of the two kinds of new unbonded post-tensioned assembly short-limb shear walls(direct assembly and hybrid assembly short-pier wall)based on dry connection,the quasi-static test of two specimens of 8-story new short-limb shear walls is conducted.The test results show the unbonded post-tension short-limb shear wall based on reasonable design can realize strong limbs and weak coupling beams.The crack and damage of coupling beams are focused on the connection region of limbs and coupling beams.The rest region of coupling beams still remains elastic.Under the earthquake action,the main part of coupling beams of unbonded post-tensioned prestressing assembly short-limb shear walls remains elastic and the plastic deformation focus on the connection region of limbs and coupling beams,which is beneficial to post-earthquake reconstruction.The ultimate loading capacity of the hybrid assembly short-pier wall is 23 percent larger than that of the direct assembly short-pier wall due to the introduction of the longitudinal normal steel in the connection of limbs and coupling beams


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