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Global Motion Estimation Method with Adaptive Outliers Elimination in Dynamic Scene


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Global Motion Estimation Method with Adaptive Outliers Elimination in Dynamic Scene
WANG Xing-mei1YIN Gui-sheng1MEN Zhi-guo2QIU Chen-guang3
1. College of Computer Science and Technology; 2. College of Automation, Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China; 3. Suzhou Research Centre,East China Research Institute of Photo-electronic,Suzhou 215163,China
dynamic scenes matching feature points global motion estimation outliers
TN919. 8
To exactly obtain global motion estimation in dynamic scene, this paper presents an adaptive global motion estimation method to eliminate outliers. The Best Bin First( BBF) method of the nearest neighbor search algorithm is used to match feature points extracted by the scale invariant feature transform( SIFT) algorithm. In order to improve the accuracy of feature matching,an improved RANdom SAmple Consensus ( RANSAC ) algorithm is proposed that can eliminate outliers adaptively. The iterative number is controlled by the variance of motion magnitude of feature points. Through a camera motion model,accurate results of parameter estimation and background compensation are obtained. The proposed algorithm is tested by the Coastguard standard image sequence and the practical one with dynamic scenes. The experimental results are compared with the previous method,which demonstrates that the proposed algorithm is highly accurate and adaptive and that the speed is faster.


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