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Algorithm for Feedback Stability of Singular System


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Algorithm for Feedback Stability of Singular System
LIU Feng1SHI Guo-dong2
1. School of Mathematics and Physics, Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology,Changzhou 213001,China; 2. School of Information Science and Engineering,Changzhou University,Changzhou 213164,China
singular system feedback stability sub-negative definite matrix generalized left inverse
TP13; O175
Aiming at the problem of the feedback stability of a singular system, this paper gives an algorithm to solve this problem by using sub-negative definite matrix and generalized left inverse of matrix. The closed loop system of singular system is obtained by introducing the state feedback law; the solution of the closed loop system is obtained; the matrix in exponent of the solution of the closed loop system is let equal to a sub-negative definite matrix, then the feedback matrix which makes the singular system stable can be obtained. An example is given for the application of the method.


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