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Microstructure’s Delamination on Bore of 45# Steel Penetrated by Copper Jet


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Microstructure’s Delamination on Bore of 45# Steel Penetrated by Copper Jet
School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
copper jets penetration strains dynamic superplastic deformation hardness
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In order to further understand the revolution of metal microstructures during dynamic plastic deformation, the strain and temperature change of steel target penetrated by a copper jet is investigated. Strains of a steel near a penetration channel wall are calculated based on measuring the width of ferrites and the steel near the penetration channel wall can be divided into dynamic superplastic deformation layer, large deformed layer, small deformed layer and normal matrix. The temperature of dynamic superplastic deformation layer and the calculated results of grain size are proven by scanning electron microscope images. The results show that different types of plastic deformation take place in different areas of steel targets penetrated by a copper jet, thereby causing dissimilarity of mechanical properties and microstructure.


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