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Development and Characteristics of Pneumatic Compliant Actuator with Thrust Force and Large Stroke Output


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Development and Characteristics of Pneumatic Compliant Actuator with Thrust Force and Large Stroke Output
TENG YanYANG GangLI Xiao-ningHUANG Xin-yan
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
pneumatics actuators compliance thrust
The demands of thrust force and large stroke output can not be satisfied with Mckibben pneumatic muscle. A new type of pneumatic compliant actuator with thrust force and large stroke output is developed in this paper. The compliant actuator can provide large stroke and thrust force because of the spiral superposition structure of the flat elastic pipe. In order to improve its repeatability precision of linear motion and the life, the central guiding structure and the fibre net cover are designed. The mathematical model of the compliant actuator is set up and its characteristic is tested. Experimental results show that the thrust force of the compliant actuator increases with the increase of the air pressure, and decreases with the increase of the working length of the actuator. The maximum thrust is 320 N and the maximum rate of deformation is up to 120% at the air supply pressure of 0. 3 MPa.


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