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Beam-wave Interaction Simulation and Phase Calculation for Traveling Wave Tube


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Beam-wave Interaction Simulation and Phase Calculation for Traveling Wave Tube
LIU Tao12 WANG Zi-cheng1LIU Pu-kun1
1. Key Laboratory of High Power Microwave Source and Technologies, Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100190,China; 2. Graduate University,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100149,China
traveling wave tubes time-domain simulation finite-difference time-domain method particle- in-cell technic beam-wave interaction
To track and simulate the complex physical phenomena of beam-wave interaction of helix Traveling Wave Tube( TWT) fast and in real-time,a nonlinear interaction computing system is established by improving the T type loss L. Brillouin model and taking the finite-difference time-domain method and the particle-in-cell technic as core means for numerical solution. Based on this,a steady C program is developed. Through running the program,a mature TWT is simulated and the differences between the output gain calculation results and the test data are less than 6. 1%.


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