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Charging Technology of Micropores Smokeless Propellant for Firework


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Charging Technology of Micropores Smokeless Propellant for Firework
LIN Xiang-yang1LIU Yu-jun1SHI Shang2PAN Ren-ming1
1. School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2. Xi’an Qinghua Civil Explosives Corp. ,Ltd. ,Xi’an 710025,China
fireworks propellants charging micropores smokelessness initial velocities
TQ562; TQ567
In order to probe into the possibility that the micropores smokeless propellant for fireworks can be substituted for black powder on ground level fireworks, the influences of the charging structures and charging conditions on bullet initial velocity and other launching effects are studied. The bullet initial velocity is tested by changing the charging mass,propellant variety and the height of support rings. The data of muzzle flash illuminance level, the sound level and the relative smog concentration are measured by photometers, sound level meters and laser smog test systems. The conclusions are as follows: the problem of propellant residue can be resolved by adding the support ring into the launching tube. By increasing charging masses,enhancing flame spread velocities or cutting down particle sizes of propellants, the bullet initial velocity can be remarkably enhanced. The sound level of micropores smokeless propellant charging( MSPC) is similar to black powder charging( BPC) . The muzzle flash illuminance level and the relative smog concentration of MSPC is lower than BPC. It’s basically feasible that the micropores smokeless propellant for firework can be substituted for black powder on the ground level fireworks.


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