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Model Calculation and Data Process of Solution Crystallization Based on MATLAB


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Model Calculation and Data Process of Solution Crystallization Based on MATLAB
HUANG De-chunDAI LinSHI Yi-qiangWANG Zhi-xiang
School of Pharmacy,China Pharmaceutical University,Nanjing 210009,China
MATLAB crystallization models nonlinear equation interpolation and derivatives multiple regression differential equation
TQ015. 9
To further discuss the high efficient application of MATLAB software in the modern chemical engineering designs and calculations, the unit operation of solution crystallization is selected as an example,and with computer programming, the relative model calculations and data processes are performed around several common variables used in crystallization researches. The equilibrium temperature and the pipeline transportation parameters of crystallization solution are obtained using the numerical algorithm designed for nonlinear equation ( or equation group) . The solution concentration data and the corresponding derivatives are acquired by the numerical analysis method of cubic spline function interpolation. The process kinetics parameters of crystallization system are estimated with the calculation of nonlinear multiple regression. The concentration curve of crystallization solution is calculated by means of the Runge-Kutta algorithm dealing with the differential equation. The study results show that the above calculation programs are convenient to be compiled and their running is highly efficient,and the calculated curve and parameter values are also well accorded with the general range of engineering data,manifesting again the convenience and reliability characteristics of MATLAB programming calculation.


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