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Application of Engine Electromagnetic Actuated Valvetrain


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Application of Engine Electromagnetic Actuated Valvetrain
CHANG Si-qinLIU LiangLI Zi-feiXU Zhao-ping
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
energy-saving and environmental protection valvetrain electromagnetic linear actuator
TK413. 4
In order to improve the torque output, fuel economy,and emissions of the engine,an electromagnetic actuated valvetrain using the moving coil electromagnetic linear actuator is developed according to the requirements of high speed and limited space. The configuration parameters are designed by the finite element method. The advantage of electromagnetic actuated valvetrain is analyzed by gasoline engine performance simulation. An improved electromagnetic actuated valvetrain is realized and tested on an pseudo cylinder. The results show that,compared with the common engine, the electromagnetic actuated valvetrain engine has more design and control flexibility,good force characteristic and low time constant, so it is easy for control. The valvetrain is integrated and tested on a single-cylinder gasoline engine. The test results show that it has excellent performance at low and middle engine speeds and fully variable valve actuation,and the transition time of 4 ms and seating velocity of 0. 3 m/s are acceptable for engine application.


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