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Simulation of Integrated System of Frictional Brake and Contactless Wheel Retarder


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Simulation of Integrated System of Frictional Brake and Contactless Wheel Retarder
HE RenLIU Cun-xiang
School of Automobile and Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University,Zhenjiang 212013,China
frictional brakes contactless wheel retarders integrated systems braking simulation
U463. 5
In order to improve the vehicle brake efficiency, the controlling model of the integrated system including frictional brake and contactless wheel retarder is built,and the relationship of the retarder braking torque and whole torque with the wheel rotational angular velocity is obtained. According to the pulse width modulation regulated theory, the method for regulating the voltage of the retarder coil is presented to change the whole system torque. The vehicle brake performance is simulated according to the system controlling model and the control stragety. The simulation results show that,compared with the traditional system, the braking time of the integrated system reduces by 3. 7 s,and the braking distance reduces by 76. 88 m.


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