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Measurement on Static and Dynamic Strain of Modified Double-base Propellant Grain Surface


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Measurement on Static and Dynamic Strain of Modified Double-base Propellant Grain Surface
ZHANG Jian-bin JU Yu-taoMENG Hong-leiZHOU Chang-sheng
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
modified double-base propellant grains electrical measurement method strain gauges surface strain structural integrity
In view of the large linear expansion coefficient, large strain of the propellant grain materials and high“death piece”rate when measuring the surface strain,an improved electrical measurement method for modified double-base propellant grain surface strain is given here. The paste technology is adopted to implant the stain gauges into the propellant grain. Using the improved electrical measurement method, the response process of the single-hole propellant grain strain is tested under the static and impact loads. The delay and reply phenomenons of the propellant materials are analyzed. All the results show that the method can accurately measure the visco-elastical mechanics characteristics of propellant grains including the static strain, the quasi-static strain and the dynamic strain, and be suitable for studying the structural integrity of the solid rocket motor propellant grains.


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