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Experimental Research on Dynamic Response Mechanism of Thin Cylindrical Shell under Blast Loading


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Experimental Research on Dynamic Response Mechanism of Thin Cylindrical Shell under Blast Loading
LU Sheng-zhuoZHANG Bo-yiWANG WeiZHANG Chun-wei
College of Civil Engineering,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150090,China
combustible gas mixtures blast waves thin cylindrical shell blast loads dynamic strain vibration-acceleration
To study the dynamic response of the thin cylindrical shell structure affected by combustible gas explosion, the impact of blast wave caused by the acetylene /air mixtures on the scaled shell structure model is tested. The blast load histories of the wall, histories of dynamic strain and vibration-acceleration on different survey points are measured. Through comparative analyses, the dynamic response and destruction mechanism of the thin cylindrical shell under blast loading are researched. The results show that, on the normal reflection region, the wall overpressure and dynamic strain induced by the blast wave reach the maximum values. The resistant ability of model deformation is strongly affected by the parameter D/H( the ratio of diameter to height) . The bigger the parameter D/H is, the stronger the resistant ability is. When the D/H= 1, the resistant ability is the strongest. The inner liquid can absorb and dissipate the blast energy and reduce the damage to the shell structure effectively.


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