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Radar Anti-deception Based on Polarization Agile Coding Technology


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Radar Anti-deception Based on Polarization Agile Coding Technology
CHEN Xin-weiZHAO Jian-zhongWU Wen
Ministerial Key Laboratory of JGMT,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
polarization agile coding anti-deception
In order to improve the ability of anti-deception in radar system,an anti-deception method is proposed based on the polarization agile coding technology and matching idea. By transmitting polarization agile signals, the amplitude and phase of the scattered waves are matched with the prior information of a certain target,and the ability to detect the target is improved in the interference environment. The MATLAB simulation results show that the target can be detected even when the signal to deception ratio( SDR) is lowered to 0. 4 dB,a nd the method is practical and stable.


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