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Improved Estimation Method for Multi-target Acceleration and Velocity in LFMCW Radar


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Improved Estimation Method for Multi-target Acceleration and Velocity in LFMCW Radar
WU LiPENG Shu-shengXIAO Ze-longHU Tai-yangXU Jian-zhong
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
linear frequency modulated continuous wave acceleration and velocity estimation reassigned time-frequency smoothed pseudo Winger-Ville distribution radar signal processing
TN957. 51
Aiming at the problems of low accuracy and high computation complexity when estimating multi-target movement parameters, an improved method combining time-frequency reassigned smoothed pseudo Wigner-Ville distribution and Radon( RSPWVD-Radon) transform is presented. This method adopts the constant false alarm rate detection and thresholds processing to estimate multi-target acceleration and velocity parameters in LFMCW radar, and can overcome the shortcomings of heavy computation burden and error accumulation effect in the existed algorithms. The realization steps of estimation algorithm are provided. The simulation results show that the method has higher parameter estimation accuracy even when the signal-to-noise ratio( SNR) is lower.


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