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SSB Robust H∞ Mixed Sensitivity BTT Controller Design Based on LMI


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SSB Robust H∞ Mixed Sensitivity BTT Controller Design Based on LMI
LIU Xiao-li1ZHANG Zhi-min1LI Yin-ya2QI Guo-qing2
1. Science and Technology on Transient Physics Laboratory; 2. School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
smallsmart bombs linear-matrix-inequality robust H∞ mixed sensitivity control bank-toturn controller
TJ765. 2
The problem of the bank-to-turn( BTT) controller design for the smallsmart bomb( SSB) is considered in this paper. The state variables that can be measured easily are chosen to establish the full-state measurable BTT model of SSB for the practical engineering applications. According to the pitch /yaw channel and roll channel,one point on the standard trajectory is determined to obtain the corresponding nominal model,and other six points are used to construct perturbation models. The two-loop way to design the BTT controller of the SSB is adopted. The linear-quadratic-regulator ( LQR) is applied in the inner loop to reduce the uncertainties of the model,and in the outside loop the linear-matrix-inequality( LMI) mixed weight sensitivity H∞ control theory is used to handle the bounded perturbation and the disturbance. Simulation results show that the proposed controller possesses the desired transient response and robust stability and can meet the control requirement of the SSB.


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