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Comparative Study on Two Self-stabilized Structures of Mobile Satellite Communication System


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Comparative Study on Two Self-stabilized Structures of Mobile Satellite Communication System
JIANG JunCHEN Qing-weiGUO JianFAN Wei-hua
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
mobile satellite communication systems tri-axial stabilization attitude compensation strapdown inertial navigation systems servo systems
V448. 133
In view of the stable tracking problem of a mobile satellite communication system,a reverse analysis method based on the desired working status assumption is used to analyze the tri-axial stabilization mechanism of the mobile satellite communication system. Two installation methods of the gyros are chosen according to the analysis, and two corresponding self-stabilized structures, the feed forward stable structure and the closed-loop stable structure, are designed and applied to the real system successfully. The features and performances of the two self-stabilized structures are tested. The test results show that, compared with the feed forward stable structure, the closed-loop stable structure is more robust and accurate, and easier to be combined with the other advance control algorithms to improve the stable accuracy of the system. It can meet the requirements for the high-precision stabilization and tracking of the mobile satellite communication system in a complex environment.


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