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Effects of RDX Physical Morphology on Properties of RDX Base Melt-cast Explosive


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Effects of RDX Physical Morphology on Properties of RDX Base Melt-cast Explosive
ZHAO XueRUI Jiu-houFENG Shun-shan
State Key Laboratory of Explosion Science and Technology,Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081,China
explosives physical morphology property hexogeon
TQ560. 6
In order to improve the detonation property of ammunition, the method of changing the shape of single-component explosive particle is adopted. The recrystallization principle and process of spherical hexogeon( RDX) is introduced. The crystal shape, thermal property, thermal sensitivity of the spherical RDX and the density of melt-cast spherical RDX/TNT and ordinary RDX/TNT explosive are tested. The results show that,compared with the normal RDX, the spherical RDX has less crystal defects and sleek surface, its melt peak temperature and decomposition peak temperature are seperately 1. 57 ℃ and 3. 66 ℃ higher,and the 5 s ignition point is 1 ℃ higher. The stability of spherical RDX is improved,and the densities of melt-cast spherical RDX60 /TNT40 and RDX75 / TNT25 are higher than that of ordinary RDX60 /TNT40 and RDX75 /TNT25.


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