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Adaptive Ferrying Routing Protocol in Opportunistic Network


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Adaptive Ferrying Routing Protocol in Opportunistic Network
JIANG Hai-taoLI Qian-muLIAO JunZHANG Hong
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
opportunistic networks adaptivity multi-copy routing ferrying routing
Aiming at the problem of traditional ferry routing that cannot work under the node movement conditions,an adaptive ferrying routing protocol mixing multi-copy routing is proposed. According to the node movement models, the expected meeting times between nodes are computed and the connectivity of network is evaluated. When the network is not connected,messengers are used to access nodes and finish data transmission. Center leaders are utilized to realize the communications among messengers and to improve the routing performance. Simulation results show that compared with the traditional multi-copy routing, the routing protocol in this paper can improve the success transmission rate by 15% and decrease the end-to-end delay by 50%. The influences of the messenger number and node movement models are evaluated by simulations.


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