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Energy Balance Key Management Protocol for Heterogeneous Sensor Network


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Energy Balance Key Management Protocol for Heterogeneous Sensor Network
TANG YangZHANG HongLI Qian-mu
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
energy balance heterogeneous sensor network key management one-way link
TP309. 7
Aiming at the problems of traditional secure protocols for heterogeneous sensor network such as nonbalanced energy and lack of consideration for one-way link,a new energy balance key management protocol is proposed. Reunited clusters are made periodically and a one-way link eatablish mechanism is buit based on EG scheme. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed protocol can maintain the advantages of the high-energy nodes in the heterogeneous sensor network,a- chieve the energy balance of the whole network after the energy degradation of the high-energy nodes. The connectivity probabilities of the special paths in the network are improved, the lifetime is prolonged and the security of the network nodes is ensured.


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