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Fuzzy Interpolation Algorithm and Realization of Preisach Model for Piezo Actuator


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Fuzzy Interpolation Algorithm and Realization of Preisach Model for Piezo Actuator
ZHANG Jian-huaGE Hong-yuLI Hong-shengFANG Li
School of Automation,Nanjing Institute of Technology,Nanjing 211167,China
piezo actuator fuzzy interpolation hysteresis traditional interpolation
TP273. 4
To achieve a hysteresis modeling method with ideal computational complexity, velocity and accuracy for real-time control of micro precision motion,a new fuzzy interpolation algorithm is proposed. According to the geometrical characteristics of hysteretic characteristic curves for piezo actuators, the curves are classified into two categories of convex section and notching section. The fuzzy interpolation methods of the two kinds of curves are proposed using the ideal outputs of the fuzzy interpolation simulation curves for four neighboring divided points. A fuzzy interpolation algorithm of Preisach model is developed by calculating displacement variations with the above-mentioned methods. The algorithm is done by standard C Language and the contrast test is done by using an experimental platform of ARM processor Samsung S3C2410. The results show that the error and the standard deviation of the traditional interpolation algorithm are from -0. 512 μm to 0. 073 μm and 0. 184, and those of the fuzzy algorithm are from -0. 347 μm to 0. 094 μm and 0. 139. The algorithm is fit for the real-time precision control of embedded processors.


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