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Sub-plastic Impacts of Rigid Mass on Free-free Beam


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Sub-plastic Impacts of Rigid Mass on Free-free Beam
YANG Jun1YIN Xiao-chun1LIU Zhong-hua2QIAN Peng-bo1
1. School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2. Technical Publication Department, Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Company Limited,Shanghai 200241,China
rigid mass free-free beams sub-plastic impact rigid-plastic dynamics
O347. 1; O313. 4
Aiming at the effects of contact and separation on impact response, the process of a freefree beam struck horizontally by a rigid mass is investigated based on a uniaxial compression multiple- elastic-plastic contact model and rigid-plastic dynamics. The results show: such a horizontal strike is a complicated process of multiple plastic impacts; two impact zones can be divided by the variation of impact force. The calculation results show that the two impact zones have roughly the same impulse. The sub-plastic impact forms the intermittent type of impact energy transfer and most of the impact energy is transferred by the subsequent sub-plastic impacts to the beam. The sub-plastic impacts appearing continually cause the traveling plastic hinge to move back and forth transiently. The comparison with the three-dimensional dynamic finite element method shows that the rigid plastic theory can be applied to solve the sub-plastic impact problem and to obtain the main characteristics of impact responses of the beam.


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