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FM Interference Suppression Based on S-method for PRC-CW Radar


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FM Interference Suppression Based on S-method for PRC-CW Radar
WANG Zhi-huaZHAO ZhaoCAI Zheng-yu
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
interference suppression frequency modulation interference pseudo random code continuous wave radars sine frequency modulation linear frequency modulation
TN973. 3
In view of the problem that the correlation output deteriorates greatly when the frequency modulation( FM) interference power exceeds the anti-jamming limitation of the pseudo random code continuous wave( PRC-CW) radar,a method is proposed based on S-method for FM interference suppression. The method computes the S-method distribution of the echo signal and instantaneous frequency and instantaneous phase of the interference. The calculation accuracy of the phase is improved by iterative correction. The interference canceller is constructed to implement interference suppression according to the final phase estimation. The correlation outputs under sine FM and linear FM interferences cases are simulated with SJR -20 dB and -25 dB respectively. The results show that the method can effectively suppress the FM interference and implement target detection.


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