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SOQPSK-MIL Modulation Method Used in Severe Noise Powerline Channel


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SOQPSK-MIL Modulation Method Used in Severe Noise Powerline Channel
WANG Yong-jianXU Jun-fengZHOU YuanYUN Xiao-chun
National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Center of China,Beijing 100029,China
powerline channels shaped-offset quadrature phase-shift keying-Military trellis diagrams Viterbi decoding
In order to transmit signals with better quality in severe noise powerline channel,a new modulation method SOQPSK-MIL(Shaped-offset quadrature phase-shift keying-Military)is proposed here.Compared with the method proposed by Simon which has 16 different waveforms,the new scheme has only half number waveforms.The number is reduced to half for the demodulation of the received signal through the less filter number.This shows that the modulation method is good for powerline channel with the merit of no performance degradation.The demodulation method is given here for the received signal.Compared with the noisy powerline communication environment,this method is fit for severe noisy channel.


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