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Dominance-based Multigranulation Rough Sets in Incomplete Information System


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Dominance-based Multigranulation Rough Sets in Incomplete Information System
ZHAI Yong-JianZHANG Hong
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
multigranulation rough sets expanded dominance relation limited dominance relation
To study the rough set approach from the multi-view in incomplete information system,the limitation of dominance-based rough set approach with independent distribution is analyzed.The single-granulation rough sets based on expanded and limited dominance relations are expanded.The optimistic and pessimistic multigranulation rough sets are proposed,respectively.The basic properties of the new proposed models are analyzed and the multigranulation lower and upper approximations based on two different dominance relations are compared.The research results show that we can obtain greater lower approximations and smaller upper approximations through the limited dominance relation than the expanded dominance relation under multigranulation environment.


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