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Simulation for Deployment Process and Concentrating Performance of Inflatable Concentrator


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Simulation for Deployment Process and Concentrating Performance of Inflatable Concentrator
WANG Lei-leiHUANG Hu-lin
Academy of Frontier Science,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016,China
inflatable concentrators deployment Monte Carlo ray tracing method wrinkling numerical simulation
To study the deployment process and deployed characteristics of the inflatable concentrator,a paraboloidal dish concentrator,whose aperture and focal length are 20 m2 and 8 m respectively,is built and taken as an example.The deployment of the one-fold and three-fold inflatable support truss and reflecting part is simulated with the control volume method.Based on the geometrical model of a deployed reflecting surface,the concentrating characteristics on the receiving plane are performed with the Monte Carlo ray tracing method.The results show that the concentrating efficiency of the deployed structure is 57% of the designed one,and the low concentrating efficiency is mainly caused by the wrinkling of the reflecting surface.Analysis of unfolded structure ’ s concentrating efficiency can be as a new method to evaluate the deployment performance of deployable structure.


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