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Automatic Fundus Images Registration and Mosaic Based on Speeded up Robust Features


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Automatic Fundus Images Registration and Mosaic Based on Speeded up Robust Features
WANG Yu-liangLIAO Wen-heSHEN Jian-xin
College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016,China
speeded up robust features image registration image fusion image mosaic fundus images
In order to overcome the characteristics of low contrast,non-uniform illumination,limited field of view(FOV),and the geometric distortion between different FOVs of the fundus images,an automatic fundus image registration and mosaic algorithm based on speeded up robust features(SURF) is presented.Fundus images are enhanced by homomorphism filtering,and the SURF features in effective FOVs are extracted and described using vector to determine the matching feature point pairs between images.Outlier point pairs are rejected using RANSAC algorithm employing a perspective model,and transformation matrixes are computed according to the matching point pairs of surrounding FOV images to the central in turn,image registration and image fusion are implemented to get fundus panoramic image finally.The automatic registration and mosaic results of multiple FOV images obtained by fundus camera show that the algorithm is robust,the stability with registration accuracy reaches pixel level and the high-precision automatic fundus image mosaic can be achieved.


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