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Nonlinear Discrete-time Sliding Mode Controller Design for Extended Range Guided Projectiles


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Nonlinear Discrete-time Sliding Mode Controller Design for Extended Range Guided Projectiles
YANG Rong-junWANG Liang-mingCHEN Shi-ye
School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
extended range guided projectiles nonlinear systems decoupling control discrete-time sliding mode controllers trajectory simulation
In order to implement the nonlinear control for extended range guided projectiles effectively,a nonlinear discrete-time control strategy via the sliding mode control principle is proposed.The control system of extended range guided projectiles is modeled.Aiming at the nonlinear coupling characteristics for the system,input-output feedback linearization is utilized to decouple the system into two independent linear time-invariant subsystems in both lengthwise and cross directions.The subsystems are transformed into discrete-time systems,and a nonlinear discrete-time controller for extended range guided projectiles is designed based on the sliding mode control principle.Trajectory simulation results demonstrate that the model and controller are feasible,the proposed controller is robust with respect to model parametric uncertainty,and that the dynamic tracking errors will be induced by the sampling time.


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