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Dynamic Substructure Technique for Elastic-plastic Impact Responses of Simply Supported Beam


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Dynamic Substructure Technique for Elastic-plastic Impact Responses of Simply Supported Beam
QIAN Peng-boYIN Xiao-chunSHEN Yu-nianYANG JunKONG De-ping
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
dynamic substructures beams impacts elastic-plastic dynamics
For the elastic-plastic impact response of a simply supported beam,an impact substructure model is built and its governing equations in modal coordinates are derived from the finite element theory and modal synthesis method.A dynamic substructure technique is presented and applied to solve the elastic-plastic impact response.By considering the local elastic-plastic contact deformation,some dynamical variables,such as the complicated history of contact force,the elastic-plastic stress distribution,the displacement field,the angular displacement field and the transverse velocity field of the beam are calculated.The transient dynamics phenomena are also displayed,including the propagations of elastic-plastic waves and the formations of plastic hinges.The comparison with those of the finite element method and the plastic hinges theory shows that the dynamic substructure technique here is effective and valid for elastic-plastic impact responses of flexible beams.


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