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Flexible Multibody System Impact Dynamics Based on Elastic-plastic Contact


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Flexible Multibody System Impact Dynamics Based on Elastic-plastic Contact
DUAN Yue-chenZHANG Ding-guo
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
flexible multibody system rigid-flexible coupling impact elastic-plastic contact
To study the impact dynamics of the radially rotating flexible beam and the fixed rigid mass,based on the rigid-flexible coupling dynamic theory of the flexible multibody system,the rigid-flexible coupling dynamic equations with the impact force are established by using the assumed mode method and Lagrange equations.These equations contain the nonlinear coupling deformation item and the impact force potential energy,and can deal with the global dynamics of the impact system and no impact system.The impact process is divided into three stages of the elastic loading,the plastic loading and the elastic unloading by the uniaxial compression elastic-plastic contact model,and the describing method of the impact process and the contact judging condition are given.The dynamic characteristics including the impact force,the deformation and the angular displacement of the impact process are described by an impact dynamic simulation example.The comparation of the elastic-plastic model and the spring-damper model show that the impact forces of the two models are different due to the different descriptions on the impact stages and the impact energy loss,and the elastic-plastic contact model is more practical and applicable.


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