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Time Delay Filtering in Ultra-tightly Integrated Tracking-loops Design


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Time Delay Filtering in Ultra-tightly Integrated Tracking-loops Design
SONG Gao-shunWANG Chang-mingCHEN Yi-chaoLU Jian-shan
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
ultra-tightly integrated tracking-loops inertial navigation system time delay filtering phase-locked loop
In order to solve the problem that the constant of systemic response time increases when the inertial navigation system(INS)is adopted in the ultra-tightly integrated tracking-loops,the tracking-loops based on the time delay filtering are proposed.The mathematical model of the INS-assisted phase-locked loop(PLL)is introduced.The error model of INS-assisted global positioning system is founded and analyzed.The relativity between the loop tracking errors and the updating time is defined.The time delay filtering is applied in the structure design of the tracking-loops to reduce the relativity of time.The theory and calculation results prove that,by using the time delay filtering,the constant of the systemic response time is reduced obviously and the property of the tracking-loops is improved.


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