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Modeling and Control for Mine Sweeping Plough Electro-hydraulic Servo System of Certain Mine-clearing Vehicle


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Modeling and Control for Mine Sweeping Plough Electro-hydraulic Servo System of Certain Mine-clearing Vehicle
GAO Qiang1JIN Yong2HOU Yuan-long1JI Li-jun1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Military Representative Office of the General Armaments Department in Wuhan Area,Wuhan 430073,China
mine-clearing vehicles mine sweeping ploughs electro-hydraulic servo system neural network on-line modeling off-line modeling adaptive control
To control the nonlinearity and time-variation of the mine sweeping plough electro-hydraulic servo system in a certain mine-clearing vehicle,the modeling and control techniques are studied here.First,the neural network identification scheme of the off-line training and on-line minor adjustment is presented.The scheme can offer a better solution to the problem that the back-propagation(BP)neural network is easy to fall into the local minimum and accelerate the convergence of BP algorithm.By keeping the weight value reasonable after the off-line training,the scheme avoids the oscillation when using the on-line minor adjustment.Secondly,the neural network model reference adaptive control is introduced.The on-line neural network identifier offers the real-time gradient information to the neural network controller to guarantee its proper learning and modification.The results of the simulation and the prototype test prove that the proposed modeling scheme and control scheme are effective and suitable.


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