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Burst Real-time Access Control Protocal Based on PCF


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Burst Real-time Access Control Protocal Based on PCF
SHUAI Xiao-ying12QIAN Huan-yan1
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Department of Computer Science,Chizhou College,Chizhou 247000,China
wireless local area network real-time access boundary delay burst point coordination function
To lower the access delay of the burst real-time data in the large wireless local area network(WLAN)control system,a modified point coordination function(PCF)(also burst PCF,BPCF)is proposed based on the IEEE 802.11 media access control(MAC)protocal.The periodic data in the contention free period are transmitted and polled by polling list according to their real-times.Two schemes are adopted to transmit the burst real-time data by their arrival times,the burst data access delay is reduced,and the bound of the real-time access delay is guaranteed.The point coordinator cyclically shifts the station order in the polling list to enhance the access fairness.Simulation and analysis show that the real-time data delay of BPCF is lower than that of the standard PCF burst.


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