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Numerical Simulation on Instability and Regeneration of Low-speed Streak in Wall-bounded Turbulence


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Numerical Simulation on Instability and Regeneration of Low-speed Streak in Wall-bounded Turbulence
LI JianDONG GangHUANG Le-pingFAN Bao-chun
National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
low-speed streaks instability interaction wall-bounded turbulence direct numerical simulation
The evolution and interaction of low-speed streaks in wall-bounded turbulence are investigated by direct numerical simulation based on the standard Fourier-Chebyshev spectral method.The process of instability(including the lift-up,the oscillation and the breakdown)of two spanwise-aligned straight streaks and their interactions are simulated by imposing a spanwise disturbance.The results show that the streamwise vortices induced by the sinuous fundamental streaks can lead to the lift-up,the oscillation and the breakdown of streaks.The breakdown of streaks can lead to the regeneration of new sinuous streaks,and these new streaks are induced instable again due to the sinaous subharmonic mode.The results can help to study the formation of the skin-friction drag in the wall-bounded turbulence.


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