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Dynamics Model Analysis of Vector-host Epidemic Disease Transmission


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Dynamics Model Analysis of Vector-host Epidemic Disease Transmission
KONG Qing-kai1QIU Zhi-peng2ZOU Yun1
1.School of Automation,2.School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
epidemic diseases migrations vector-host stability travelers
To study the effect of the host migration between two patches as travelers on the vector-host epidemic disease transmission,a two-patch vector-host epidemic disease transmission model is proposed here.The expression of the basic reproduction number is derived by analyzing the stability of the disease free equilibrium.Using the ordinary differential equations and the uniform persistence theory for the dynamical system,it is proved that,when the basic reproduction number is smaller than 1,the disease free equilibrium is locally stable,otherwise the equilibrium is unstable and the system is uniformly persistent.The numerical results show that the vector-host epidemic disease transmission can be controlled by restricting properly the hosts traveling between patches.


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