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Large Eddy Simulation of Unsteady Cloud Cavitation Flow Around Underwater Hydrofoil


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Large Eddy Simulation of Unsteady Cloud Cavitation Flow Around Underwater Hydrofoil
ZHANG Mu1TAN Jun-jie1YI Wen-jun2CHEN Zhi-hua2CAI Xiao-wei1
1.School of Energy and Power Engineering; 2.National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
cavitation large eddg simulation volume of fluid method hydrofoil unsteady flow
Adopting the N-S equations,the pressure implicit split operator,the large eddg simulation turbulence model and the volume of fluid method,the characteristics of the unsteady cloud cavitation flow around the NACA0015 hydrofoil are researched in consideration of the gas-liquid phase transition.The periodic shedding process including the initial vortex,the re-entrant jet vortex,the cavity shedding and the cavity regeneration is analysed.The Strouhal number St,the dimensionless cavity length and the hydrodynamic coefficients of different cavitation numbers are calculated.The calculation agrees with the experimental results.The Kunz model and Sauer model are used to simulate the cavity shape.The results show that the two cavitation models can be well used for the cloud cavitation flow.


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