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Robust STFT-based Detection and Parameter Estimation of LFM Signal in Impulsive Noise


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Robust STFT-based Detection and Parameter Estimation of LFM Signal in Impulsive Noise
CHEN Wen-wuCAI Zheng-yuCHEN Ru-shanZHAO Zhao
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectric Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
linear frequency modulated signal impulsive noises robust short-time Fourier transform Radon transform parameter estimation
The conventional time-frequency-based methods for the linear frequency modulated(LFM)signals detection and parameter estimation behave poorly in the impulse noise environment.Based on the robust short-time Fourier transform(STFT),a new method being no sensitive to impulse noises is presented.The robust STFT of the LFM signal corrupted by an impulse noise is calculated.Due to the resilience of the robust STFT to the impulse noise,the oblique line time-frequency features of the LFM signal is preserved.The following signal detection and parameter estimation can be implemented based on the line integral of the Radon transform.The simulation results show the effectiveness of the presented method.


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