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Real-time Simulation of Offshore Lifting Operation of Deepwater Pipelay Crane Vessel


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Real-time Simulation of Offshore Lifting Operation of Deepwater Pipelay Crane Vessel
WANG Li-quan1XU Yuan-ge1LIANG Ling-yun2LI Zhen1
1.College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China; 2.Offshore Engineering Technology Center,Offshore Oil Engineering Co.Ltd.,Tianjin 300451,China
deepwater pipelay crane vessel real-time simulation dynamic model dynamic positioning Breece method
To meet the data needs of the offshore lifting visual simulation,according to the effects of the sea condition,the dynamic positioning,the real-time manipulation and the ballast adjust on the lifting operation during the actual offshore lifting process,a real-time dynamic model is build up based on the multi-channel discrete data including the ship 6-DOF real-time data from the dynamic positioning system and the manipulation signals of the lifting control table.Breece approximate integral method is adopted to solve the dynamic equation for reducing the accumulated error and improving the operation speed.The results show that the accuracy and the real-time for simulation are suitable,the real-time cargo swings can be simulated by the method and the basic data is useful for the visual model.


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