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Audio Zero-watermarking Scheme in DCT-DWT


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Audio Zero-watermarking Scheme in DCT-DWT
YANG Yu12LEI Min12GUO Yu-cui3LUO Qun12
1.Information Security Center,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,Beijing 100876,China; 2.National Engineering Laboratory for Disaster Backup and Recovery,Beijing 100876,China; 3.School of Science,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,Beijing 100876,China
audio zero-watermarking discrete wavelet transform discrete cosine transform robustness
In order to improve the imperceptibility of traditional watermarking scheme,a novel audio zero-watermarking scheme based on discrete cosine transform and discrete wavelet transform(DCT-DWT)is proposed.The audio is split into equal frames.Approximate components are extracted using the DWT for each frame.Mean values of the approximate components are obtained using the DCT.Watermark is embedded according to the relationship between two adjacent mean values.Simulation and experimental results show that the algorithm has strong robustness against common audio signal processing attacks such as MP3 compression,re-quantization,re-sampling,low-pass filter and noise reduction and high efficiency.


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