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Dynamic XML Document Labeling Scheme with Ring-shaped Structure


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Dynamic XML Document Labeling Scheme with Ring-shaped Structure
WU Hai-taoTANG Zhen-min
School of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
ring-shaped structure extensible markup language dynamics labeling schemes prefix group labeling scheme
To facilitate the structure inquiry for XML documents and quickly determine the ancestor-descendant,parent-child,sibling relationship of any two nodes,a new dynamic labeling scheme for XML documents is proposed.The ring-shaped structure is used to organize the sibling nodes by referencing the idea of the prefix group labeling scheme and encode self label in alphabetical order method.The problems of high cost and low efficiency of the existing labeling scheme for XML documents are improved,and the dynamically updating is realized.The labels of existing nodes needn’t to label again,and the aforementioned three basic relationships of any two nodes can be accurately determined in constant time.The experimental result proves that:the XML tree’s fan-out degree and depth have less influence on the size of encoding space using this scheme;the scheme supports the full dynamically updating and the coding efficiency is the best for the XML documents with high fan-out degree;the scheme has good performance in both the static coding and the dynamic updating. 更多


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