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Simulation and Analysis of Diversity Channels under Correlated Nakagami Fading


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Simulation and Analysis of Diversity Channels under Correlated Nakagami Fading
ZHU Qiu-mingXU Da-zhuanWANG Cheng-huaCHEN Xiao-minSUN Xiang
College of Electronic Information Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016,China
channel modeling diversity channels correlation coefficients phase distribution
Aiming at the problem of the traditional Nakagami fading simulation method that can not provide accurate cross-correlation,a simulation model for correlated Nakagami fading channels suitable for unequal branch powers and fading parameters is proposed.The relationships between the correlation coefficients of Gamma and Nakagami random variables are proved.The correlated Nakagami fadings are generated by using the square roots of correlated Gamma variables.The error expression of the model’s output envelope distribution is derived.Simulation results show that:the model is easier to achieve,the simulation fading envelope and phase distributions are close to the theoretical results,and the cross-correlation is more accurate than other models;the distribution error of the first simulation branch is zero,because it is always generated by one Gamma variable.


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