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Application of Wigner Higher-order Spectra in Analysis of Projectile Motion in Bore


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Application of Wigner Higher-order Spectra in Analysis of Projectile Motion in Bore
CHEN XiXU Jian-zhong
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
higher-order spectra projectiles motion in bore time-frequency analysis echo signals higher-order polynomial frequency modulation signals
In view of the problems of the time-frequency distribution map of traditional time-frequency distribution analysis that has poor convergence of energy,serious cross-term interference and noise sensitivity,a method for the signal processing of the echo of projectile motion in bore is proposed based on Wigner higher-order spectrum.The advantages of Wigner higher-order spectrum on the instantaneous frequency estimation of higher-order polynomial frequency modulation signals are verified through the comparative study of energy concentration,cross-term suppression and anti-noise.The time-frequency distribution map is obtained by the Wigner trispectrum slice spectrum algorithm designed on MATLAB for the measured data of a certain type of projectile.An instantaneous frequency curve is obtained through the ridge extraction of time-frequency distribution map.The velocity and acceleration curves of in-bore projectiles are inversed according to the Doppler effect formula.Compared with the experimental results,the relative errors of the muzzle velocity,the range of projectile motion and the real length of the barrel are 1.34%,0.52% and 0.52%.It is indicated that the Wigner higher-order spectrum is a more accurate and effective method on the echo signal processing of projectile motion in bore under strong noise environment.


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