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Precision and Error Analysis of 3D Least-square Meshless Method


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Precision and Error Analysis of 3D Least-square Meshless Method
MA Xin-jianTAN Jun-jieCAI Xiao-weiZHOU Zhi-chaoWANG Fang
School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
three-dimension least-square method meshless method supersonic flow fields
In order to obtain the calculation precision and the feasibility for solving three-dimensional inviscid flow fields using the least-square meshless method,a mathematical demonstration based on orthogonal and proportional spacing point distribution is proposed here.Four three-dimensional cases are given based on orthogonal(non-orthogonal)and proportional spacing point distribution.The results obtained with the lease-square meshless method are in good agreement with the theoretical results and the results obtained with other mesh methods.The relative error between numerical results and theoretical ones is within reasonable bounds.The results indicate the meshless method can be applied to simulating the three-dimensional flow fields.


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