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Concrete Damage Property of Explosive Internal-blast


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Concrete Damage Property of Explosive Internal-blast
SONG Pu12WANG Xiao-ming1GU Xiao-hui1
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Xi’an Modern Chemistry Research Institute,Xi’an 710065,China
ammunition engineering internal-blast concrete damage smoothed particle hydrodynamics methods
To perfect the theory of explosive internal-blast of concretes and to improve its working,a model is established about the explosive internal-blast of concretes.In the internal-blast process of concretes and under dynamic load of impulsion,the dynamical damage effect of concretes by TNT and PBX explosives is researched numerically using the dynamical damage model of concretes and smoothed particle hydrodynamic method.The quantitative calculation results show that the damage types of internal-blast for concretes are throw internal-blast and loose internal-blast.The motion characteristics of concrete medium are numerically analyzed,and the optimum condition for internal-blast is determined.The effect of internal-blast of concretes is the best when the buried depth of explosives is 0.45H in the buried condition.


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