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Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Flow Field over Wrap-around Fin-body Combination


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Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Flow Field over Wrap-around Fin-body Combination
ZHENG JianZHOU Chang-shengJU Yu-tao
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
wrap-around fin fin-body combination flow field Reynolds stress turbulence model advection upwind splitting method flow test
To study the aerodynamic characteristics of the technical cooperation program(TTCP)standard wrap-around fin(WAF)-body combination,the three-dimensional supersonic flow over it is numerically simulated.In the range of Ma∈[2.0,5.5],the supersonic flow field structure of the WAF-body combination is analyzed by using the Reynolds stress turbulence model and advection upwind splitting method discrete scheme.The change rules of the WAF-body combination aerodynamic coefficients with Mach numbers,angles of attack are calculated and analyzed.The mechanism of self-induced roll moment produced at zero attack angle is analyzed.The flow tests of the standard TTCP WAF-body combination are conducted in the condition of Ma=3.0 by a supersonic wind tunnel.The calculation error between the numerical simulation results and wind tunnel test ones is less than 10%,which verifies the credibility of the numerical simulation method.


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