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Modeling and Analysis of Steering Resistance Moment for Tracked Robot Based on Track-terrain Strain


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Modeling and Analysis of Steering Resistance Moment for Tracked Robot Based on Track-terrain Strain
OU YiQIAN Lin-fangTAO Wei-junFENG Hu-tian
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
track-terrain strain small-tracked robots steering resistance moment stress-strain
In order to describe the steering movement of small-tracked ground mobile robots accurately and establish an accurate control model,the modeling method of steering resistance moment is discussed.A steering resistance moment model of the robots in low speed and high speed is established using the traditional resistance uniform distribution method.A resistance moment model with linear distribution of the lateral resistance and the positive pressure is proposed using the stress-strain theory.The computational model is improved by non-linear distribution of the lateral resistance.The simulation calculation and analysis of different road conditions show that:compared with traditional steering resistance moment models,the steering resistance moment model based on the stress-strain theory can reflect the force condition between track and ground better.


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