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Effect of Particle Size Gradation of Glass Beads on Vibratory Packing Efficiency


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Effect of Particle Size Gradation of Glass Beads on Vibratory Packing Efficiency
LI NingXIAO Le-qinZHOU Wei-liang
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
glass beads particle size gradation vibratory packing efficiency packing models radius ratio
To research the influencing rule of radius ratio and the volume fraction of fine particles on vibratory packing efficiency while glass beads with different particle size packs,the packing efficiency of the system is tested by a tap density analyzer and compared with the calculation results of some typical packing models.The results show that the Furnas model agrees well with the experimental data(R≤7).In binary packing mixtures,the packing efficiency is higher when R increases.The packing efficiency reaches the maximum value when the volume fraction of fine glass beads is about 0.3.The packing efficiency reaches the maximum value when the volume fraction of coarse-middle-fine glass beads is 7∶1∶2 or 6∶1∶3 in ternary packing mixtures.The error of packing efficiency of binary packing mixtures is less than 1% by using the modified Furnas model(R≤7).Estimated by the combining modified Furnas model with an equivalent diameter,the error of the packing efficiency of ternary packing mixtures is less than 2%.


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