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Vehicle Detection Method Based on MHT Model Using Millimeter-wave Radar


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Vehicle Detection Method Based on MHT Model Using Millimeter-wave Radar
HU BinZHAO Chun-xia
School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
vehicle detection millimeter-wave radars multiple hypothesis tracking model generalized probability data association algorithm probability tree
To detect vehicles in intelligent vehicle system,a vehicle detection method based on multiple hypothesis tracking(MHT)is proposed.The relationship between measurement sets collected by millimeter-wave radar and target set is defined under the framework of MHT.A generalized probability data association(GPDA)algorithm is used to find the acceptable target set from all the measurement data sets.After that,a probability tree is designed to maintain the target sets.Results prove that this method can accurately detect the vehicle ahead far or near or that in dark night with a poor light environment,which overcomes the shortcoming of the vision-based vehicle detection method that is sensitive to target ’ s distance and ambient light.Besides,this method also achieves good results in the maintenance of targets.


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