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Synthesis Evaluation Method for Node Importance in Complex Networks Based on Grey Relational Analysis


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Synthesis Evaluation Method for Node Importance in Complex Networks Based on Grey Relational Analysis
School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
complex networks node importance infinite irrelevance weighted entropy grey relational analysis
To avoid the inadequacy of node importance evaluation in complex networks,such as(1)the unilateralism of single index;(2)the subjectivity during index selection of multi-index evaluation(3)the neglect of the correlation analysis on evaluating indexes,this paper proposes a synthesis evaluation approach using the grey relational analysis mechanism.Based on analyzing and comparing the features of several characteristic indexes,infinite irrelevance is introduced to screen indexes.An improved entropy weight calculating method is used to confirm the weight for evaluating indexes and the grey relational analysis is applied to calculate the importance of nodes.A detailed case study on the US air transportation network is given.The experimental result shows that the proposed approach performs better on discrimination and precision.The approach helps to perfect the evaluation of node importance in complex networks.


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