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Posture Stabilization of Dubins ’ Car with Saturated Inputs and Turning Radius Constraints


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Posture Stabilization of Dubins ’ Car with Saturated Inputs and Turning Radius Constraints
WANG Neng-jianZHANG De-fuZHOU Li-jie
College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China
saturated input minimal turning radius nonholonomic constraints artificial attractive coordinating fields trajectory shaping guidance posture stabilization
A continuous posture stabilization approach of the nonlinear system is presented which has constraint on saturated input and the minimal turning radius of Dubins ’ Car.Artificial attractive coordinating fields(AACF)is established whose coordinating factor is determined on line via variable universe adaptive fuzzy control(VUAFC).The line speed of the system is regulated accordingly.To obtain a convergence trajectory of the least energy,an angular velocity control law is derived from trajectory shaping guidance(TSG)law.The speed limit of saturated input and the minimal turning radius constraint are taken into account.Arbitrary point-to-point stabilization which meets the minimal turning radius constraint on plane can be realized with the extended control law.The proposed technique guarantees the exponential stability of the system and ensures the convergence of the posture to their desired fixing.Simulation results show that the precision of posture stabilization obtained is high.


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