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Image Quality Optimization Technology of Light Emitting Diode Color Array Display and Its Realization


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Image Quality Optimization Technology of Light Emitting Diode Color Array Display and Its Realization
GUO Shi-yong1CHEN Qian1HAN Zhen-bin2
1.Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Spectral Imaging & Intelligent Sense,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Hebei Hanguang Industry Ltd.Co.,Handan 056028,China
color array display undersampling aliasing effect pixels interleaving combination time sharing cycling display
Light emitting diode(LED)color panel is difficult to realize high definition display on physical pixels due to the limited display array scale.To improve the apparent resolving capability of the LED color panel,aliasing effect of under-sampling LED array display is analyzed through sampling principle.High definition image is converted to low definition image group through image data space reforming.High definition image display on low physical pixel scale LED panel through pixels interleaving combination and time-sharing cycling high frame rate display on tricolor separate driving LED color panel is fulfilled.LED color panel display image quality optimization apparatus is designed and realized.Experimental results indicate that this method can effectively enhance the LED panel visual resolution,eliminate under-sampling aliasing effect and improve display image quality.


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